Baptist Mission Southeast Haiti

Isaiah Children's Home

sm orphansAfter the earthquake in 2010, the need to provide education and orphan care increased dramatically in Haiti. Many children were left without parents and many more were left with parents who no longer were able to provide for their children’s basic needs. BMSEH established the Isaiah Children’s Home in Jacmel, where children could be provided clothing, nutritious food, and an opportunity to further their education – all in a loving and caring environment.

In August of 2017, the Isaiah Children's Home was relocated to Guitton Archaie.  The new location enables the children to have improved living conditions in a safe, rural environment.  The home is located 25 miles northwest of Port au Prince, the nation's capital.  23 children currently reside at Isaiah Children's Home.


Donors may wish to designate a gift for a specific need.
Here is our current WISH LIST:

School Supplies ($15)
School Uniform ($15)
School Shirt ($10 – min 13 needed; TL $130)
School tennis shoes – must be black and enclosed

Flip-Flops for everyday wear and for use in shower ($2 each)
School socks ($5 – min of 13 needed; TL $65
T shirts ($8 – min of 13 needed; TL $104)
Briefs ($8 – min of 13 needed; TL $104)
Sunday outfit for Church (so orphans do not stand out from those attending w Biological parents) $20
Sunday Shoes ($10 per child)
Rugs ($10 each; 4 needed TL $40)
Welcome Mat – to wipe shoes ($15)
Wall Clock ( $15 each; Three needed TL $45)
Dishes ($30 per set; 3 sets needed TL $90)
Glasses ($10 per set; 3 sets needed TL $30)
Silverware ($30 per set; 2 sets needed Tl $60)
Pots and Pans ($60)
Cleaning supplies ($8 monthly)
Queen size Mattress (for Directors) $135
Twin size mattress w sheets ($45 each – 2 needed)
Bunk Beds w/mattress and bedding ($85 each - 3 needed)

Blankets ($8 each or two for $15)
Pillows ($10 per child)
Sheets for each bed $80
Towels ($10 per child)
Washcloths ($3 per child; 26 needed TL $78)
Hygiene Items (Approx $10 per child, per month)

      Goats $40    Hens  $15   Seeds   $25